Saturday, December 26, 2009

Warren MacKenzie, part I

On Christmas Eve Eve, I took Liam down to Brockton to the Fuller Craft Museum so we could see the retrospective of Warren MacKenzie's work that is traveling around the country. It was a beautiful show, filled with his strong work, and well worth the visit.

The layout of the show was a bit awkward, a hallway as the main entrance with a good sized room of Warren's early work off to the side. I really enjoyed seeing how his early influences (Hamada and Leach) informed his start. There was a really great video that chronicled his life and gave good insight into how he started. His work is so vibrant and bold while still staying within the old-school tradition.

This morning, the 26th, I reread an essay by Garth Clark, on the future of functional pottery. So much good stuff in it that I want to wrestle with, both in agreement and to parry swords. Life is calling at the moment so I will be back with more thoughts.

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