Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Morning Coffee

It's the first morning of the sabbatical and I am caught between wanting to get to the studio and getting ready for the impending Christmas/Liam birthday (the 24th!) extravaganza. Still some shopping to do, as well as some wrapping.

Was reading Kristen Kieffer's blog about ceramic first loves and I posted a response about my influences (Mary Barringer, Maren Kloppman, Jeff Shapiro, etc) and I mentioned that I love my Julia Galloway mug. She was surprised that I might like something so beautifully ornate (and it is!) after listing my minimalist, Wabi-Sabi influences. I'll have to think about that...

I also love my Sam Chung mug as well and had the morning Joe in it today - see above. I took a workshop with Sam at Shakerag in Tennessee. He threw so light and thin, thinner than I had ever seen done. Then he proceeded to slice half way through the paper thin walls to create these slits. THEN he pushed out at these slits to open them up just slightly. Incredible! And the handle is just perfect! A simple single finger loop, perfectly balanced and soft to the touch. Maybe tomorrow I'll post Julia's...

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