Monday, August 9, 2010

A Followup on the PMC (3)

To finish up, there were craft tents for Pedal Partners
...special guests...

and an impressive finish line (with my Dad their for the 6th straight year!), with people crossing the line for hours on end. Some finishing with an average of 8 mph and some finishing at 19.5 mph. All for the same cause...

And most turning in for the night to do it again on Sunday. Most of the riders were then riding from Bourne out to Provincetown, another 70 mile day. I was a one day rider this year, although I have ridden on Sunday in the past. It, too, is a special day.

Finally, a portrait of the beast that brought me...

Final stats:
6 miles to the start line
84 miles to the finish line
8.5 miles to my aunt's house (family party there and easier than dealing with the traffic!)
1.5 miles around the block a couple of times to make the odometer a nice round number.

100 miles in all. A very special Saturday.
So far I have raised $1550 this year. $1450 to go by October 1. If you can help...

But most importantly, I want to thank my family and friends for making this possible. You are amazing and generous and kind with your encouragement and generousity. With your help over the years, we have raised over $18,000. It couldn't go to a better place.


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