Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Trip to the Children's Museum

Not sure if this blog is turning into a Dad's blog (like Seth's excellent blog) rather than a pottery blog. I'm still working in the studio, but every time I pull out the camera phone, its usually to document something about the kids...yesterday, it was a trip to the Boston Children's Museum.
As you can see, my kids aren't afraid of challenging gender stereotypes..

...or mix up 2D and 3D reality...

This was Liam's favorite room when we came here and they were little. Truth be told, he probably averages an hour and a half a day on our little nerf hoop at home. Must be all the Sportscenter highlights that makes it easy to imagine that flying at the hoop, tongue wagging, is an easy thing to do.

This last image is from last night. It is Celia's list for her mom. Trish is travelling and Celia was determined to take notes for her on the American Idol contestants so that she would not miss a thing. Kind of in her own code but still pretty organized. Last night's tryouts were from Denver and Celia could not get over Bikini Boy! I think she was laughing too hard to write down anything of value.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have an image regarding clay...

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