Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Praise of Small Cups

A while back, we had the good fortune of having Mark Shapiro as a visiting artist to Nobles. During his time with us, he spoke about his affinity for small cups. I, at the time, was making some enormous cups - things you could take a hot tub in. Definitely things to hold with two hands.

This week, I went to Lacoste Gallery to pick up some work for Foster Gallery - we are having a two person show: Sam Taylor and Mary Barringer. While I was there, I saw a small Warren Mackenzie cup, about the same size as Mark's. I bought it on the spot and had a bit of beer in it that night - a strong Belgian beer - something for sipping. The cup fit so naturally in my hand, something that I admired in Mark's pieces (I bought two of his cups while he was in residence).

This week, I decided to try my hand at something smaller and I really like making them. Here's the first go:

How do you all feel about small cups? Do you make them? Do you use them?


  1. I like Sake cups. They are harder to make than tea bowls.

  2. A strong Belgian beer - Was it Delerium Tremens, with the pink elephants on the label? GOod stuff!

  3. I don't believe I have had a delerium tremens.. worth looking into.
    My choice was a Kasteel Donker - tasty!

  4. I love small cups, especially with children around...small pitchers have become a favorite form as well. Good spouts are hard. R and I have three warren mackenzie pieces from when I worked at Trax gallery in Berkeley before we got married. The potters who started it, Bob Brady and Sandy Simon, are two of my all time favorites. Your pots are wonderful and mingei: I can't wait to hear about your travels to Japan. You are clearly making the most of your sabbatical!