Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Kids Get to Glazin'

The kids had a chance last week to begin to glaze some of their work that they had worked on earlier. As you can see, Celia is still very much aware of the camera whenever it is in her vicinity and Liam continues to focus on the task at hand. So interesting how the two can be so different even though we have tried to raise them with the same loving hand.

Of course, we long ago realized how different they were and now handle each kid in their own way - the trick being to keep it as fair as possible - for we will be called out instantly by one or the other if their seems to be a sniff of imbalance.

Also, last week, I got the opportunity to chaperone Liam's class to the Kennedy Museum. It was a great trip - had no idea that Kennedy's ordeal with PT109 left him and his crew stranded on islands for 9 DAYS!). Was really taken by the gathering room designed by IM Pei. Took a couple of shots with the phone of the shadows that were created:

Thought they related to my Harlequin grids and decided to play with them a bit:

We'll see where they go...

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  1. hi john, love the pics of kids glazing, it's a thing of beauty. great greenware pots too in the previous post, this one and the next. looking forward to them fired. you gotta love that i m pei dude