Saturday, March 13, 2010

GreenFire Loaded

GreenFire has been loaded. Nora and I spent most of the day loading it up and bricking up the door. Poor weather pushed the firing date back a bit - we are going to get hammered with rain so we decided to fire first good day of next week. Here's some images of the loading chamber. The space on the left is for the side stoking. The small square chamber is for raku, which we will load when we fire (and remove in the middle of the woodfire.

I love the piece on the floor - it is one of Nora's students and it is the stand for a cup, which sits in at the juncture of the crosshairs.

The O-ring teapot in the back is by one of my students who will hang a cup from the little hook at the top of the inside of the O.

The little striped bottle in the foreground has a "Mary Barringer" texture as a belt - my fingers are crossed that it comes out ok. Can't wait to see how these all come out!

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